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Bra Camisole

A bra camisole comes with an inbuilt bra, eliminating the need for you to wear one separately. This inner-wear can also be worn as an outerwear, on its own or by layering it under a jacket.

It can be short, leaving the midriff bare or long like a chemise. Some bra camisoles have an underwire built-in for more support. They come in different cup sizes and have many padding options. They are available in nude colours that blend with your skin tone for a more seamless look.

Camisole bras also come with embellishments such as sequins, bead work and crystals and are made up of finer fabrics such as satin and silk to suit special occasions and add a luxurious feel.

Brand: Da Intimo Model: LWC-R0004
Product DetailsOwing to intimate nature of this product it is eligible for self-ship return only (no pick-up facility)Green camisole, has a round neck, sleeveless, racerbackMaterial & CareElastaneHand-wash..
Brand: Da Intimo Model: LWC-R0005
Product DetailsGrey knitted camisole, has a scoop neck, sleeveless, lightly padded cups, racer backMaterial & CareViscose and elastane blendHand-wash..
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